Senior Principal RF Engineer
& Technical Manager - MSEE PE

I have provided services in Product specification, design, schematic capture, layout, testing, certification, pilot run, and manufacturing release. Technical management has been provided for OEM/ODM/JDM. Specific expertise in Embedded SoC products with low power RF/wireless interfaces such as IEEE 802.11, Bluetooth, MoCA 1.1; and antenna specification, integration, and testing.

I have made significant contributions to standards representation / technology advancement at IEEE 802.11/15/18, Bluetooth SIG, WiFi Alliance, Technical Spectrum Affairs; as well as product training, mentoring, and technology specialist.

HP deskjet 970 Product examples include: Hewlett Packard IEEE 802.11 enabled printers, Bluetooth enabled printers, complete HP Embedded SoC JetDirect WLAN/LAN print servers, IEEE 802.11 modules, Bluetooth modules, Tivo Set-Top-Boxes with MoCA RF 1.1, and HP NAS servers. Technology specialist in IEEE 802.11ac including regulatory DFS, adaptivity, and power limits.


  • Bluetooth
  • IEEE
  • MoCA
  • WiFi Alliance